Wine shop

Some tips for anyone who is thinking about opening a wine shop.

What to pay attention to when setting up a shop, what formalities are connected with it and how much it will cost us.

Our countrymen are beginning to drink more and more wine, but still not enough that there is a chance of a significant increase in consumption. The Pole drinks during the year about one year. four litres of wine, which accounts for 1/5 of the citizens of Italy, the Iberian peninsula or France

The quality of wines is also improved, and thus the price of purchased wines is also increased.

Everyone, even the smallest wine shop requires investment

Equipment of a shop with an area of several meters will cost us at least twenty thousand USD. For a larger shop, the price will be increased by another few thousand zlotys. „wine bar”, the place where customers can taste our wine. The investment in such a bar with wine will cost approx. Fifty thousand USD, but it may be profitable, as customers – who can try different types of wine locally – will be more willing to shop in our store.

Online wine shop

The easiest way to open an online shop.

Less than ten thousand  USD will be enough to open a business, which we will spend on the purchase of a computer and hardware, building an online shop and optionally buying or renting a warehouse. However, nothing will replace individual contact with a dealer who will lead us between the shelves of a wine shop with full bottles of unknown names. For this reason, many people who start their business from an online wine shop also open a stationary shop after a short period of time.

The most difficult, but also the most profitable, source of income is the import of branded wines. By bringing wine directly from the producer, we can sell it to hotels, wholesalers, restaurants and single shops. The most profitable for the importer is the sale of wines to a restaurant or wine cellar. You can earn up to 100 percent per bottle. The biggest importers usually also have their own shops. Bypassing the intermediaries means that they can gain around 25-30 per cent and sell cheaper wines than their competitors.

A good wine distributor is the easiest to find at the wine fair, which is held several times a year in Europe. It is also the most convenient form, because in one go we can try wine and negotiate terms of cooperation with many suppliers.

The owners of even small wine shops believe that it is very easy to sell up to 1,500 bottles of wine per month. Calculation of the reporters of the „Company” magazine shows that such a value of sales should result in a profit of USD7 thousand for the owner of the wine shop. By importing wine on our own, we can count on several times higher profits, however, with a few dozen times higher business risk.

Best investment wines: