What is whisky made of?

What is whisky done about?

Cereals are the basic ingredient of alcohol. Barley is most often used to produce golden liquor, but wheat, rye and corn are also used.

To make the whisky marketable, it must be aged for at least 3 years in oak barrels, which allow amber-based liquids to „breathe”. The taste is also affected by water. It mixes with the dried malt to create a leaven.

The production of whisky is divided into stages: malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturing, mixing and bottling. Taking care of each stage gives better taste and improves the quality of the drink.

In countries such as Scotland, Ireland and Japan, barrels are generally already filled beforehand. If it is referred to as first fill, barrels have not been used until now for aging whisky, which does not mean that they have not been used for burbon, sherry or other alcohol.

First-fill drums filled for the first time work more intensively with alcohol than those filled for the second time (second fill) or another time (refill cask), in which with each subsequent filling it decreases, among others. influence of oak on the taste of distillate. Some distilleries such as Bowmore or Laphroaig stress that they use only first fill barrels.

Types of whisky

The three most popular types are single malt, blended malt and grain. Blended Whisky, commonly called mixed whiskies, is the most popular type of whiskey available on the market.  It accounts for as much as 90% of Scottish whisky sales.

Whether single malt (name reserved for Scotch whiskies produced only from barley) with a mixture of whisky produced from other cereals, i. e. wheat, rye and maize.

Single malt is further divided into single cask, cask strenght and pure malt, which differ from each other in the number of distillation, the percentage of alcohol content and the origin of the malt.

Whisky grain whiskies are produced from a mixture of different cereal species (i. e. barley, wheat and maize). In its pure form, single grain is rare. Instead, it is used as a component in the production of blended whisky.

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