True value of diamonds

Value of diamonds

Diamonds are the most concentrated value in the world, i. e. they are the most valuable at the smallest size.

Why are diamonds expensive?

The „diamond pipeline”, i. e. on the way from the mine, through the grinders, the diamond exchange, further dealers, jewellers up to the customer. To reduce the purchase price, it is best to leave jewellery shops on the outskirts and go to the source.

Diamond in loose, i. e. without jewellery frame. By changing the diamond into any jewel, we omit the part included in the final version of the cost, i. e. the price will be lower than when buying the finished product.

The biggest investment advantage of diamonds is their small size and simultaneously high value. You can wear great diamond jewellery on your body and even travel around the world with it, because diamonds weigh minimally and are not recognizable by metal detectors at airports.

It doesn’t matter where we decide to sell our diamonds, their value throughout the world is the same, because it depends on the global price list of the so-called „global pricelist”. Report. Rapaport is the standard for the price of diamonds. As with all natural raw materials, the price of diamonds will increase as production volumes decline.

Garet Penny from De Beers stated, in November 2008, that if we keep diamond mining unchanged, within 20 years their resources will be completely depleted. What can this mean? Only that in 20 years’ time, the natural diamond will be a highly valued and desirable rarity.

The value of diamonds is determined according to their characteristics. The most valued and considered the best investment are the rarest diamonds, i. e. those with the highest parameters. The best colour on a diamond scale is D-colour and IF purity (completely pure inside).

Yearly world-wide extraction of D-colour diamonds, IF purity and weight, e. g. from 1 to 1.39 caratas, in total less than 900 carats. This means that in order to produce 750 diamonds with these characteristics, more than 800 000 000 000 tonnes of diamonds must be mined in the mine.

Based on all of this, you can see immediately why the price of diamonds is high and continues to rise. For all the preventive and, above all, for investors, this is the right time to invest in the purchase of diamonds to secure your finances for the future.

How to invest in diamonds: