Online purchase of a work of art

Internet work of art gallery

In times of the Internet without leaving home we can follow the most important events in the country and in the world, communicate, shop.

Is it possible to buy everything online when we can’t taste our product sensually, we can’t touch it, we can’t look at it from all sides, we can’t check if it’s not a poor mystification? Online shops and auction portals offer products whose condition and quality can only be assessed from photographs. When it comes to low-risk purchases, such as a portrait to order or a small sketch, a potential customer is usually at risk.

What is the situation when buying more valuable works?

Deciding on a transaction in an online art gallery, let’s carefully look at the work of art before purchasing it and read the gallery regulations, make sure that if the work fails to meet our expectations, we can return it without any obligations. Most reputable online galleries offer a guarantee of customer satisfaction and the possibility to return work within a few days of receiving the work.

It is also worth asking if the gallery is guaranteed by the author of the work of art, that the work is not damaged in any way. High resolution images are important in the assessment of a work of art, which are to be provided by a reputable internet gallery on request. Let’s check if the work does not have scratches, cracks, creases, creases and discolourations. It is worth contacting the gallery owner or the person responsible for the sale by e-mail or telephone in order to confirm the availability of the work of art, delivery options and in the case of purchase of funds on the account.

At our request, the gallery should always enable us to receive the work of art in person. Purchases of works of art online using online art galleries may raise doubts and distrust, but with a thorough examination of the gallery where we make our purchases and the work of art we want to buy is a safe and recommendable form of purchasing a work of art.

How to invest in art: