How to increase the value of agricultural land?

Value of agricultural land

Investments near an attractive property

Buy where you can see attractiveness. Before buying any agricultural plot of land, it is worth checking who will be our future neighbour, what plans he has for his own land and at what time he wants to realize his goals (arming, existing buildings).

In the case of natural persons, this is difficult, however, in the case of a commune or the State Treasury – much more information can be obtained from the records of the Study or the Local Plan. If the provisions in these documents provide for development, an increase in the attractiveness of neighbouring land seems obvious, and at the moment of commencement of construction or infrastructural projects (roads, gas, electricity, water, sewage), the increase in this attractiveness is multiplied.

Legislation and authorities change quite often, what is unattractive today, tomorrow can be super valuable. Infrastructure development must always be taken into account. When there is no local master plan, the first analyses are carried out on the basis of a study of conditions and land use. (Wide means that we can conclude). If there is a local plan, the land is automatically subject to income tax, adiacenta and planning fees are included.

Expand your infrastructure

Buy where there is a view of media connection. Infrastructure development is a process of very time-spanned process, preceded each time by preparation of both planning and execution documentation – and maybe depending on who the investor is and how many opinions should be obtained up to several years. This is a variant for people hardened in „clerical” battles, patient and financially comfortable. It is worth recommending for people who are characterized by the above mentioned. features – where the return on invested capital is above average.

Setting up a Local Plan

Invest in a municipality where the procedures for adopting a Local Plan are friendly. Medium-term variant over a horizon of one to one and a half years. However, initiating this variant makes sense when we have a larger area of land.

Obtaining the conditions of development

The shortest way from agricultural land to building plot. It is the quickest form of building on agricultural land. It lasts on average about 3 months. However, in order to obtain decisions on development conditions, several conditions must be met: i. e.

(a) at least one adjacent plot of land accessible from the same public road shall be built-up
(b) the land shall have access to a public road
(c) existing or planned land use is sufficient for the construction project
(d) the site is not under natural, conservation, archaeological or archaeological protection

Purchase of real estate with problems

Often agricultural land of land occur, which have many heirs. None of them can fully use the plot of land because they usually do not live in the locality where they own the property. It is a trick to reach everyone and persuade them to sell their shares and get an attractive transaction price. Look for and take advantage of the opportunity.

Fashion and prestige of a given location

Apart from natural values in the form of forest, lake or river, often depends on who bought agricultural land of land in the area. People feel valued when their neighbours are VIPs, i. e. musicians, actors, politicians and celebrities of all kinds.

Division into plots

The fastest way to quickly sell agricultural land with the highest return.

Buying land as investment: