Gold in healthcare

Gold cure

Today, few people think that gold is not only a bullion, which is used to make jewellery, but also a cure for some of the ailments. Gold treatment seems to be a superstition, although in times distant from us it was not only used in medicine, but it was believed to provide immortality.

Gold treatment seems to be a superstition, although in times distant from us it was not only used in medicine, but it was believed to provide immortality.

How it once stood

In ancient times gold was used as an addition to food and liquids. For example, in Egypt, for example, gold is drunk three times a day, believing that it will provide a longevity, youthfulness, vigour, and that gold is a cure for various illnesses.

How does it work today?

It is commonly believed that if the gold jewellery worn leaves black marks on the skin (black spots of gold) and this is not a result of abrasion of the material, then this condition is caused by diseases of the body such as: neurosis, liver diseases, heart disease, problems with hormones mainly thyroid hormones, or lack of vitamins and minerals. Many of us see gold leaving traces in a period of weakness, intense effort or stress. However, specialists warn you that you should not stick to these theories – it is necessary to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis if you suspect that something is right for you.

Gold and medicine

Nowadays, gold is used mainly in the treatment of cancer diseases (100-page patented explanation and description of the method of treatment with gold). But gold is also an aid for infectious, venereal and rheumatic diseases. It will help you with hair loss or treat abscesses and lichen. Like silver, zinc and copper have an antifungal, antibacterial and antiallergic effect. Gold preparations will treat acne. Gold will also help in periods of intense intellectual effort (e. g. in science) because it affects brain functions.

Among the healing properties of this metal, supporters of the theory of healing gold also mention alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, digestive disorders, neurosis, depression and anxiety as diseases for which gold can be a cure. Gold nanoparticles, i. e. particles of several nanometres in size, where one nanometre is a billionth of a metre, are used in medicine for bone examination in order to detect bone microcracks.

Gold and cosmetics

In cosmetology, pure gold, i. e. 999 sample, is used in beauty treatments as a preparation effectively reducing wrinkles and eliminating skin discoloration. For those who work on a computer and for long periods of time in front of a computer, it is recommended to use a special line of gold cosmetics to protect and care for overworked and tired eyes.

That is why our grandmother was right, who in the formation of barley in the eye, applied a golden ring to him. Instead of disposing of gold objects and old jewellery, it is worth to have them in a home kitchenette instead of disposing of gold, old jewellery items that are stored in home lockers.

If we don’t believe in the healing properties of gold, we can treat gold jewelry as an amulet of incredible power, like adding strength and energy, as well as self-confidence. To this day, gold is still associated with richness and above all with respect and appreciation, as evidenced by the production of medals and markings made of this metal.