ETF funds for gold

Investing in gold through ETF funds

The ETF is a very interesting proposition. There are many types of ETF funds for gold. Fund investing in physical gold such as GLD, IAU Funds investing in gold mine shares, eg GDX, GDXJ Fund investing in gold futures, eg UGL, DGL.

Investments in funds that invest in futures should be considered because they are contango because they invest in futures.

It is very popular to invest in a fund investing in physical gold and funds investing in a basket of gold mining companies…

The gold mine stock fund invests in a lot of shares, making it a minimally risky investment for an investor, a fund investing in a basket of shares.

The ETF is listed on the stock exchange, most commonly the Arca NYSE. Units in the fund are bought exactly the same as stocks and are associated with the same cost.

On the DIF Freedom platform, enter the ticker of a given ETF, or search for the term „ gold„. The ETF is under the shares. Actions -ETF. When the ETF button is pressed, a list of ETFs linked to gold will open.

An ETF fund order

When you right-click on the selected fund, select the Order command.

The commission on the acquisition of ETFs is 2 cents per unit, except that there is a minimum fee of $ 15. This commission is collected at the purchase and sale.

Where to invest in gold: