Deposit or investment fund?

What do you choose: a deposit or an investment fund?

People who are less risky are more likely to choose a deposit as the best way to multiply their capital. Others, the more risky ones choose investment funds, why?

Investing in deposits a in investment funds

Investing your capital in investment funds requires a great deal of sensitivity about when to start and finish investing. The deposit does not require such a feeling from us. We can only check what are the most effective deposits on the market (with the highest interest rates).

Then open such a term deposit (3,6,9 months and more respectively). A deposit gives you the advantage of not having it, you don’t have to worry about our profits because they are predetermined and can’t be changed (even as a result of the economic crisis). The disadvantage is that the return on the deposit may be much lower than that on investment funds (but more certain).

Investing in investment funds

When investing in funds, we have a very wide range of instruments available on the financial market. We can invest our capital in stocks, bonds, treasury bills and many others. Money that is paid into a suitable investment fund is converted into the so-called „cash”. participation units. They constitute a legal right to participate in the income generated by the funds.

Dynamic deposit

One of the types of term deposit is a dynamic term deposit. This deposit is much more interesting and exciting than a regular deposit. A dynamic deposit can be a good experience to invest money in investment funds later on.

In this deposit, the amount of interest and the amount of interest and the period of time over which the funds are held on it is not fixed (depending on the contract). We can withdraw from the dynamic deposit at any time, and we do not lose the interest we have earned so far.

Real estate investment funds: